About Us

Why I’m a Democrat is a new, online grassroots community where you can share your story about why you vote for Democrats. Raise your voice with governors, working folks, retirees, students, local politicians, artists, and many others, who’ve captured their Democratic values on video.

Who are we?
We’re Moderates, Progressives, Liberals, Greens, Yellow Dogs, Blue Dogs, Independents and Conservatives… and we support Democrats. We’re of many faiths, races and backgrounds. We are strongest when we speak with one voice… as Democrats.

Why are we coming together now?
We want to make sure people understand what Democrats really stand for. You can help us set the record straight. We want to connect on a personal level and inspire others to stand up and vote for the values that thoughtful Americans embrace. Because when Democrats vote, Democrats win!

Take a look.
Listen to Carol P, a retiree, talk about what life was like before Social Security. Hear what Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, says about living the American dream. Or listen to Texan Tara P talk about why she’s a Democrat in a red state. We know you’ll find their stories compelling.

Do you have a story to contribute?
We’d love to hear it. Doesn’t have to be fancy or deep. Just post a short (one to two minute) video in your own words about why you vote for Democrats.